Troubleshooting Tips

Homeowner discovers the best way to troubleshoot his furnace and air conditioner.

Troubleshooting Tips: Fast Fixes for Your Furnace or Air Conditioner

Heating and cooling systems tend to breakdown when you need them most, simply because that’s when they’re working extra hard to keep up. It can be a real emergency—or it could be something simple that you can fix yourself. Before you call for service, the experts at Interstate Heating have a few troubleshooting tips to try first:

Furnace Not Working? Things to Check Before You Call for Service

All circuits on your breaker panel and the main power switch to the furnace should be on.

The gas valve should be in the “on” position.

Check the filter to make sure it’s not so dirty that air can’t get through.

See if there’s sufficient airflow from registers.

Be sure your thermostat temperature is set higher than room temperature.

During winter months, make sure your outside PVC pipe is not covered with snow.

Air Conditioner Blowing Hot Air? Try This Before You Call a Repairman

Make sure it’s not still covered (if you use winter protection).

Check the disconnect switch to see if the handle is turned to the “on” position. (It’s usually in a gray box, located outside near your air conditioning unit.)

Check the circuit breaker and make sure the switch to your air conditioner is on.

Confirm that your thermostat is set to COOL.

Turn the temperature down and see if the blower inside and the fan on the outside condensing unit start to run. If not, TURN OFF POWER TO YOUR AIR CONDITIONER so you can check or replace the fuses, located in the fuse box outside. If you’re not sure if they are blown, you can take them to your local hardware store for help.

Be sure the thermostat is set below room temperature.

Interstate Heating Can Help With Fast, Affordable HVAC Repairs

If you’ve gone through our checklist and still are without heat or air conditioning, you can get help in a hurry from Interstate. We’re known as the new equipment expert, having installed more than 20,000 furnace and central air systems in southeastern Wisconsin—but we also provide exceptional ongoing service for all makes and models of forced air systems as well as boilers, radiant heat, heat pumps, indoor air quality products, and more. We even have residential maintenance agreements that keep your systems running more efficiently and can help you avoid a home emergency in the first place.

Still have questions about furnace problems or air conditioner repairs? We are a Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealer and have technicians on call at all times, ready to help with all your comfort needs.

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