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Interstate Technicians Provide the Best Boiler Repair and Replacements

Boiler heating systems offer superior comfort and steady warmth, making it easy to see why so many Waukesha, Sussex, and Menomonee Falls residents rely on them. If you’re among the homeowners who use a boiler heating system—or think it might be the right choice for your home—turn to the trusted NATE-certified technicians from Interstate Heating for exceptional selection, installation, maintenance, and repairs.

The Benefits of a Boiler Heating System

A boiler (also known as a hydronic heating system) uses either hot water or steam, which is moved through pipes to radiators located inside the home. These radiators release heat to effectively warm each room. The constant circulation ensures steady, comfortable temperatures as the water is rerouted back through the boiler to be reheated.

A boiler heating system offers many benefits, including:

  • No dust or allergens—because a boiler system radiates heat from the radiator, dust or allergens are not stirred up and recirculated.
  • Comfortable, even heat—heat from a boiler system is constant, unlike a furnace that cycles on and off, so it delivers warmth more evenly throughout the space.
  • Pairs well with radiant heating systems—boilers are the heat source for radiant heating systems, which direct heat under floors, not into the air. Under wood, laminate, tile, or vinyl flooring, heat is retained longer and released across a larger surface for more consistent comfort.
  • Can be used with zoning and customizable programming—homeowners can identify heating zones based on how they use specific rooms, and then link those zones to the boiler system using programmable thermostats.
  • Quiet operation. Compared to other heating system options, boilers produce virtually no noise because the system’s operational noise is confined within the unit.

Let the Experts at Interstate Service Your Boiler

Trust the NATE-certified technicians at Interstate Heating to not only help you select and install a quality boiler, but keep it operating at peak performance for years to come. Our Residential Maintenance Agreement ensures:

  • Affordable routine care with convenient reminders
  • Safe, efficient operation
  • Prevention of costly, emergency repairs
  • Extended life of your heating system equipment
  • Optimal indoor air quality

If you rely on a boiler system for heat, you can rely on the experts at Interstate for all your service needs. Give us a call at 262-246-4772 or fill out our online form to learn more.

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